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Science based research

More than 100 individual studies have shown positive results for Probios products in animals.

Stability & Viability

Probios products contain world’s best probiotic strains with proven efficacy

Manufactured in the US

Probios products are manufactured in SQF CODE EDITION 9.0 certified facility

Backed by Quality

The specific probiotic strains used in Probios products are obtained from Chr. Hansen, a Danish company with expertise in probiotics used in both the human and animal industries.

When to Use Probios

When animals are under stress, they may experience digestive upsets and reduced appetite. Direct-fed microbials may help maintain normal appetite and digestion when given to animals during the following situations:

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individual studies

Digestion support

Digestion support

Microflora balance

Microflora balance

Normal immunity

Normal immunity


World’s Best Bacterial Strains

Highly Active, Viable and Stable Bacterial Strains

Naturally resistant to stomach acid and bile, survive throughout the digestive system and even a small number of these good bacteria are just as effective.


Domestic & Commercial Animals

Why Probios?

Probiotics are good bacteria that can help maintain the levels of good bacteria in the gut. Probios products help maintain intestinal balance, overall health and performance of animals by:

World’s best probiotics strains that survive the acidic environment of the stomach to provide the needed gut health support

Premium Probiotic Supplements for all animals

Probios products maybe used daily for animals such as:

Dogs in flowers

What Our Volunteer Said

Our Volunteer Said

Great product!
Great product!

I decided to give this product a try for my horses who are on medication and both of them are doing much better. Probios Dispersible Powder has really helped.

Works well for older dogs
Works well for older dogs

Our elderly rescued boxer mix with stomach issues has been feeling great since we gave her Probios supplements. Definitely doesn’t hurt!

Great for dogs!
Great for dogs!

My dog was suffering from runny poos and gurgly tummy, and Probios treats helped her feel much more comfortable and get her back to healthy potty times.


Vets Plus, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of Probios® microbial products in the U.S.A. Vets Plus is Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 certified, an audited member and preferred supplier of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

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